23 Regional Program Manager Turnkey Security And Identity Solutions Mnc

Regional Program Manager - turnkey security and identity solutions MNC

​An MNC that provides turnkey security and identity solutions was looking for a Regional Program Manager.

Our client was looking for an external talent to manage an existing team who are very experienced in domain understanding, adding to its efforts in identifying next-generation and forward-looking solutions.

Argyll Scott was engaged to map the market for talent and screen for the right candidate to fill this vacancy.


  • The talent pool was limited as it’s a niche industry

  • As the current team was strong in domain understanding, it’s important to find someone who could prove and lead, and had even stronger skill sets

  • As a senior functional role, the screening process was longer as simple paper screening would be insufficient


  • Mapped the market of over 60 candidates

  • Met with 25 candidates to screen for interpersonal and intangible skills


Offer Accepted: ​Regional Program Manager

Completed Time:​ Four months​

Posted about 7 years ago
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Chaim Li

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