16 Data Scientist Global Leading Engineering Company

Data Scientist - global leading engineering company

​A global leading engineering company headquartered in Europe was looking for a Data Scientist to be based in Singapore.

Our client was looking for a local-based Data Scientist with experience in a very niche technology domain, along with industry experience and a strong foundation in research. The role had been open for more than six months, but they had not been able to identify the right person for it.

Argyll Scott was engaged to source for suitable candidates to fill this vacancy.

The challenge:

  • There was a limited pool of local candidates within this niche field

  • Had to convince potential candidates to transition from research to the industry field

Our approach:

  • Met with every candidate to understand them on a personal level, so as to provide the client with more insights on their individual strengths

  • Kept close contact with candidates throughout interview process to manage their expectations

The outcome:

Offer Accepted: Data Scientist

Completed Time: Two and a half months

Posted over 6 years ago
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Chaim Li

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