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Becoming a recruiter in Luxury Retail

11 months ago, I started a second career – recruitment.

I knew I wanted to do something with real people and have control on my results.

The first three months were a journey of breaking self-limitations and stepping out of my comfort zone. I could remember that first uneasy conversation on asking candidates for their remuneration details. The first little jittery day that I spoke with several General Managers. It turns out that none of the people bite! In fact, they are some of the best meetings I have had.

Self-induced pressure started to build up as fellow new colleagues started to secure role placements. There are several parts of the equation, I just have to make sure I have done the best for each of the process. That means, understanding what is the right fit, identifying and speaking with the right-fit hopefuls, and assisting them to nail each interview.

Once the first achievement is unlocked, that immense sense of accomplishment is just incredible. And I did!

My past life of nine years (being a buyer and retail ops lead) in the luxury fashion maisons has given me that intimate industry knowledge of brands, people and business locally and internationally. Harnessing this competitive edge, I am on my way to building my desk niche specialisation - I focus on general management, store management, merchandising, VM, marcom, clientelling roles in the luxury fashion, retail and hospitality industry.

And I've placed Retail Directors, Retail Managers, Sales Directors, Merchandising Managers, VM Managers, Marcom Managers and Training Directors.

Looking at the past 11 months, no two days are the same. It is a very real and dynamic environment. I work on real career opportunities, meet with real people, and support candidates to start their new work.

I am loving the great culture and team vibes at Argyll Scott Singapore. It is fun, collaborative and supportive. We've got each other's back. I’m super thankful to directors Mani, Tom, Tristan, Rae(who referred me in) and everyone.

I’m especially thankful to Annie Chan, my manager, who is always selfless in guiding and sharing her wealth of recruitment expertise at any time (usually before 6pm.) She created a safe learning zone while I was learning to walk. And now, I can run free out and about but always know that I will come back accounted for and accomplished.

In Argyll Scott Singapore, we are set up for success right from day one. There are continual training sessions to build and upgrade competencies – soft and technical skills. We have plenty of (paid) tools like Salesforce on mobile and individual LinkedIn Recruiter licenses, amongst others. We celebrate both big and small wins. We work hard and we play hard ;) (Watch this space - this will be another blog post!)

So, you’ll understand why I’m looking forward to achieving my first-year milestone here.

Happy New Year everyone! Let's catch up over lunch or coffee, shan't we? 

Posted almost 4 years ago
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Foo Kin Liew

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