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Q3 APAC market updates: The rise of different staffing solutions

As we approach the end of Q3, we continue to see signs of recovery across different Asian markets, along with a common trend in the adoption of flexible working solutions, as well as a slight change in candidate behaviour when it comes to new job opportunities. Check out the updates below for more details on how different markets have been performing in the past few months.


Despite heightened restrictions and a mandatory WFH, we see Singapore’s hiring rate remain on a steady incline, a sign of the gradual recovery of major economies. Employers are now acknowledging and leveraging the benefits of flexible staffing solutions as they look at increasing part-time and contract/interim job openings. In order to better attract high-quality candidates within the increasingly competitive market, we’ve seen a growing demand for more employer branded advertising solutions, as a way to differentiate themselves from being just another advert and stand out from the crowd.

Hong Kong:

As markets continue to recover, employers in Hong Kong are leveraging more flexible staffing solutions, with the share of contractor and part-time job listings increasing by 21.5% YOY, according to LinkedIn. In terms of overall job openings, we’re seeing the highest numbers across Finance, Software & IT Services, Corporate Services, Consumer Goods, and Recreation & Travel, but it is Marketing and Media & Communications which have the highest YoY increase in terms of listings, for roles like Marketing Manager and Sales Manager.



Despite still being under lockdown, the Thailand market remains strong with plenty of opportunities across industries, particularly within Technology, Corporate Services, Industrial, and Consumer Goods. It can also be seen that what candidates prioritise when it comes to new jobs have shifted, according to LinkedIn’s recent survey, with compensation & benefits topping the list with 61%, followed by a good work-life balance, open & effective management, and having the colleagues and company culture that can inspire them to perform. To remain competitive in this changing market, companies will have to shift their focus accordingly to attract the best candidates available.



Similar to Thailand, Vietnam’s market remains strong despite going back into lockdown, with continuous hiring across industries like Technology, Corporate Services, Industrial, Finance, and Consumer Goods. When it comes to new opportunities, 61% of candidates in Vietnam surveyed told LinkedIn that compensation & benefits is something they will take into consideration, followed by having the colleagues and company culture that can inspire them to perform, good work-life balance, and open & effective management. This acts as a good indicator for companies on what to pay attention to when looking to engage with potential employees.

With specialist recruiting within 12 industries across our four Asia offices, we understand the time and effort it takes to unearth the most suitable candidates for each role. If you or anyone you know is looking to explore different recruitment services, let us know by filling in this form.
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