Market mapping for a multinational company

The challenge:

Our client, a multinational alcoholic beverages company, was setting up a new Global Travel Retail COE in Singapore. They were struggling to find the right talent for this team due to the very small global talent pool and the fact that much of the Travel Retail talent in Asia lacked the global experience required.

Additionally, the hiring team needed some consultative support to help them better understand how to structure their global, regional, and domestic Travel Retail teams, learning from best practice and their competitors in the industry.

Our solution:

We began by mapping all the Travel Retail hubs in the alcohol industry, globally. Our Research COE built mini org-charts of these businesses and uncovered the contact details of relevant key candidates.

Two of our more experienced headhunters qualified the candidates to uncover those who fit the requirements around scope, experience and tenure. This included meeting, interviewing, and selling the company’s employer brand to gain approval to be submitted for their potential openings.

The outcome:

  • We filled their last two key positions in the Travel Retail function in Singapore to enable the business to grow.

  • We also relocated another candidate into a very hard to fill Travel Retail role in Miami which the client had been struggling to fill for some time.

  • Our client used the basis of our market map to structure how they set up their COE in Singapore.

  • The hiring manager was so satisfied with our work on this project that we have continued to work with them in their regional and local businesses on both retained and contingent mandates.