Payroll solutions for a US Food Safety company

The challenge:

Our client, a US Food Safety Company, was setting up a new office in Singapore to hire a new Sales Director to find and develop new accounts but had no plans to expand their entity. This was a unique working from home role, requiring strong language capabilities and cultural understanding with a not very competitive reward package, making candidate attraction difficult. The client also needed to be able to payroll this person in Singapore, with no internal capability set up to do this.

Our solution:

Our 3-part retainer took care of everything, from sourcing to payrolling and consulting on the unique challenges of the Asian hiring market. We provided the hiring manager with a status update every week which included salary expectations, culture differences and types of profiles we would find.

Our full market map of relevant talent across Singapore, Indonesia and Hong Kong, our extensive outreach and utilisation of our own networks to uncover active candidates and referrals resulted into a longlist of 50 high calibre candidates, then a shortlist of four, who were all interviewed. In the meantime, our payroll solutions team created a smooth and expansive solution to payroll this hire.

Although their two initial offers were turned down due to on-par reward package, we worked very closely with the HR VP to ensure candidate quality was not compromised and by slightly flexing the budget we secured an immediately available B2B Sales Director who fully met the brief.

The outcome:

  • The hiring manager was so happy with our solution that we were also given a Marketing Manager role to fill. We onboarded both candidates quickly enabling them to attend their global industry trade show in Canada.

  • Throughout the assignment, the client could count on us for transparency, local market knowledge and consultative solutions.

  • We maintain a strong relationship and continue to provide payroll and contracting solutions to help accelerate their growth in the region.