Advanced Analytics & Data Science

We recruit contract, interim, permanent and temporary roles across the exploding analytical and data science space including Hadoop ecosystem, vendor specialisation, artificial intelligence, machine learning, deep learning, cognitive and behavioral science, data visualisation, predictive analytics and data mining.

Our teams deliver the best in class data professionals to a diversity of clients including technology vendors, financial services providers, FMCG companies and boutique technology start-ups.





Advanced Analytics & Data Science

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    Who benefits most from the end of the ‘job for life’?

    Job-to-job moves are on the up, and over the la...

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    Argyll Scott launches new look

    As part of the continued investment into our Ar...

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    Technology Market Watch 2018

    Discover the latest forecast, emerging trends a...

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    Technology - Half Yearly Market Update 2017

    2017 has been a positive year for the Technolog...

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