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Why data professionals are increasingly difficult to recruit in Singapore

​At Argyll Scott, we understand the importance of data and how quality data can positively affect businesses. ​A recently published whitepaper on data readiness placed 52% of surveyed organisations from Singapore in the leading band, landing Singapore in second place when it comes to data readiness, just behind Australia. As the market continues to develop, many companies are looking to invest in data, to build their own databases as a cost-effective way to better their products and customer service.

Apart from building the infrastructure, organisations across Singapore are focused on sourcing the right expertise to support their data goals. Having created more positions than there are qualified professionals to fill, the effort needed to attract and retain these elusive data professionals increases. Having an exciting data project would definitely help set the opportunity apart, but without that, it can often simply come down to the size of the pay check! This is because many companies are ready to pay a higher price for talent in this field, leading to a continuous rise in salary over the last two years.

As the war for talent intensifies, we have seen the average tenure reduce to as little as 9 to 12 months, meaning that employers are often only getting short to mid-term security. Retaining data professionals in the longer term remains a constant challenge.

Allow Argyll Scott to help

Our Singapore-based Data team consists of Peter Ison, Ashley Lim and Simon Ackland. With over 30 years’ recruitment experience combined, we understand the frustrations in reviewing countless resumes and the time and effort needed to locate the right candidate. We are here to that take that pressure away from you.

Let us know if you would like to arrange a call or a meeting. We are happy to share our insights and market intelligence and make data recruitment easier for you.

Posted about 4 years ago
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